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In the month of April, May, September 2019, we have facilitated teams from Singapore to run workshops for the local youth, villagers and children.

Health and Hygiene Wellness (HHW)
This workshop for the youth –we have invited nurses and also local doctors to conduct HHW workshops to empower our youth with skills andknowledge where the youth can share and teach their family, neighbours, friends and schoolmates. Thus, spreading the knowledge and practice of good health and hygiene to the community.
Teaching on environmental wellness through the different forms of Arts –Performing Arts, Visual Arts and leadership training. This training workshop is in partnership with the School of the Arts (Singapore) and ToulDamnak Secondary.  We have also run leadership Trainings to empower the students with leadership skillsto mentor their juniors.  The responses from the school principal, staff and students were very positive as the youth have benefited greatly.
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