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Community Outreach

“A community is like a ship, everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.”
- Henrik Ibsen-

Sponsor a family

“No other investment has such a lasting effect as the education of children (youth). Children who go to school are healthier, more self-assured and can more easily assume a profession.” - Per Engebak, former UNICEF Regional Director

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Due to poverty, needy families are often unable to afford education for their children and require them to take on jobs to supplement the family's income.


Many children’s future are disrupted when they are taken out of the school system. We believe that no child or youth should be denied of education due to poverty. We need all the help to ensure they are safe to continue education without any disruption.

Sponsorship for needy families will help them to keep their children in school. Families will be selected based on strict objective criteria for a limited time period, giving the adults time to secure permanent paid jobs.

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Help us, help them

  1. help meet and educate parents / provide guidance on the importance of education

  2. conduct interviews and carry out tests to ascertain eligibility

  3. work with individuals and corporate donors to raise funds so that children from poor and dysfunctional families can stay longer in the school system

We need volunteers (trained professionals preferred) to:

Feeding Programme

Our Feed the Poor programme, known as "Cherish & Nourish" is usually organised in creative, fun and dignified manners so the poor do not feel belittled. 

To date, we have organised a banquet and an international food and fun fair in addition to our usual distribution of food packs and rations to help make this a fun and memorable event for our beneficiaries. 

Health Ambassador Programme

Through the Health Ambassador Programme , we want to bring about awareness of the importance of healthy habits that the villagers can adopt to improve their health. We want to empower the villagers to take ownership of their health and become health advocates for their communities.


Health ambassadors are chosen among the youth- they are trained to spread the message of healthy living and are equipped with first-aid and health knowledge to educate others in their village and attend to their fellow countrymen when help is needed.

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