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Medical Outreach

Since 2010, we have worked together with medical teams from Singapore to attend to the sick who may not have the means to seek medical advice. This is done through mobile clinics set up in schools, villages, and churches, as well as home visits. Those who require additional medical attention will be referred to the hospital or specialist.


In August 2019, we have initiated help from our supporters and donors for a youth who had a life-threatening illness when both her kidneys were damaged by the illness.  SOL sponsored her treatment in Thailand.  She has survived the ordeal and is living well now. She will be studying grade 11 in 2020.


In Nov 2019, we have facilitated a team from Singapore and Kunming.  The team came and run a medical mission at Bileg Mission Hospital at Kg Thom Province,and they have also cooked to feed the villagers from about 10 villages.  We are grateful to the team members and their donors for contributing so much to help our people.  There were at least 1000 sick villagers helped and 800 villagers and families were fed and given provisions.

All the sick were attended to by the doctors, pharmacists and our Health Ambassadors.  They were fed and given food provision to take home.  We are thankful to the team from Singapore and Yeo's (YHS international) for their generous sponsors of drinks and provisions to the sick and poor.

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Befrienders Programme

The Befrienders Programme is an English-based programme aimed at increasing the exposure of Cambodian students to the rest of the world through meaningful interactions with the befrienders (student volunteers from Singapore). We aim to build the students’ confidence in their English language skills and encourage them to interact with foreigners and explore out of their comfort zones.

The befrienders use prepared materials and lesson guides to conduct the weekly sessions and hold meaningful conversations with the Cambodian youth while imparting reading and comprehension skills.

We are thankful to the befrienders, who facilitate the sessions with our youth (students from Secondary and high school), and also the moderators and Cambodian interpreters, who help to observe the assigned group and ensure the session run smoothly and objectives are met.

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Befriender Programme

* Duration: Per term 10-12 weeks per term

* Length of each session: 1.5 hrs

* Via: Online Zoom session

* Interested party to apply when application is open. (Currently this programme is available only for Chong Doung Commune)

Project Teach & Empower

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Project Teach & Empower is a mentoring program for youths with the objectives of empowering them to be equipped with life skills, leadership skills that will prepare them for higher learning and employment. However due to the needs, it has been extended to anyone who desires to learn and be part of the whole effort to bring change. Everyone who is willing, can be the positive change agent to their community.

Together with teams of volunteers from SOL Singapore, we conduct regular day camps to impact life skills, leadership, and general knowledge to the students. The aim is to expose the students to a wide range of activities and allow the students to discover their strengths and interests.


To date, we have run Sports, Health, Environmental wellness, and English language camps. We hope to expand further to music, visual and performing arts to further enhance the holistic development of the youth. 

  1. Youth Exchange Camps

  2. Health Hygiene Wellness (Medical Mission)

  3. Health Ambassador Partnership program

  4. Feeding the poor (Cherish & Nourish)

Leadership Mentoring

Together with our partners, we facilitate regular courses and mentoring opportunities that are relevant to the needs of the local community. We work with the local leaders and partner with them in all our projects and activities to ensure that we share the same vision of community transformation and commitment to create sustainable change.

Constantly, we are exploring with various partners to empower the local leadership through leadership mentoring training opportunity so as to create positive improvement to our communities.

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