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PROJECT SANGKHEM (Hope) –Basic education, in the early stage of a child’s life, serves as a necessary platform to understand about the world, develop basic social skills and learn basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills.  These skills give the child a head start to a better future. It increases the chance of breaking from the poverty cycle that is entrapping many in the community.

Our organisation believes that no child should be denied of education because they are poor. As part of Project Sangkhem, we facilitates “Still in School’subsidy.  In our effort to ensure that the next generation are able to receive education in the current education system in Cambodia, we endeavor to help rescue children being taken out of schools.

Project Sangkhem aims to bring awareness and to help people develop a deeper understanding and empathy for the under privileged. SMDCO organizes teams of youth (locally or overseas) and gives them the opportunity to live a day in the life of the poor; a guide from the village will be attached to each team.


On the day of visitation, no ‘help’ is supposed to be rendered to the host family to reduce as much external influence that may provide an inaccurate experience or observation. Through this visitation, the individual of the team will interact and be with the underprivileged or needy family throughout the day and will do everything they do. For example, if they work in the field or they do house chores etc. 


Then within the team, they will identify an area of need (if any) and will partner local key partners (e.g. school, village head) if necessary, to share their observation and implement a plan to address it.  

Case in mentioned here below:

This is PECH NITA.  She is 13 years old in 2019.  Nita’s mother tried to make her quit school to work to support the family and also to look after her younger siblings.She refused, so her brother, who is 10 years old, had to quit school instead.  Her mother and her brother waittables and wash dishes. This family lives on scraps that they collect after diners leave their tables. However,after the means testing,this family was put into our Education program and in Nov 2019, Nita’s brother was put back to school while Nita continued with Grade 8.Nita’s brother was given a bicycles so he can go to school on his own.

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